Jonathan Kamp Interpretability in Natural Language Processing

Hi there, my name is Jonathan and I am a PhD Candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Computational Linguistics and Text Mining Lab is where my research is mainly carried out, advised by Prof. dr. Antske Fokkens and dr. Lisa Beinborn. My project falls under a larger consortium named InDeep: Interpreting Deep Learning Models for Text and Sound. I investigate how language models can be interpreted, with a focus on Argument Mining. The project is a collaboration with, a legal research platform based in Amsterdam (Deloitte Netherlands).

My background is in language studies (Spanish), intercultural communication, and linguistics (both theoretical and computational). Prior to the start of my PhD, I have been working as a Data Scientist at Converz Analytics, developing conversational AI technology.

In my free time you can find me hunting Strava KOMs on my Bianchi (none so far) and sometimes in the virtual chess arena. Feel free to get in touch!




Moonlit just released the interview they had with me! Check it out if you want to get some idea of what my research on interpretability and (legal) argument mining is about! :: Interpreting machines that interpret language - December 6, 2022

Our paper got accepted! I will be presenting it at the 9th Workshop on Argument Mining on October 17th in Gyeongju, South Korea. :: Proceedings - September 15, 2022